A Potpourri of Animals

Whenever my pregnant friends ask me for a belly painting I let them chose the motif. Often it is rather simple and I just need an Google image search to get started. However, this request was a bit more interesting as it was: there should be a turtle, owls, lady bugs and orchids. No image in the world contains all these, so I started with a drawing of my own to get the composition right. Here’s the final result:

Here we are with two owls, two turtles, a lot of lady bugs and lots of orchids.

Read further for a making-of.

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Little Rabbit

A while ago, I made a cute body painting featuring a little rabbit. The picture was inspired by the book “Weisst du eigentlich, wie lieb ich dich hab?” (in English: “Do you actually know how much I love you?”). In this book, the little rabbit and its parent challenge each other by describing in colorful pictures how much they love each other.

The inspiration was adapted a little to say “Do you know how much *we* actually love you?” by the parents. Here’s the result:

Read further for a making-of.

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Year of the Dog

It’s been a while that I did a baby belly bodypainting, but recently I got another chance. This time, it was a sequel to the water dragon and the horse. Continuing the tradition of painting the Chinese Zodiac, the mother-to-be requested a dog. The chose was made, it is a Beagle.

Here’s the time lapse video of the painting:

And a picture of the final state of the paining:

Babybelly with Beagle

It was a pleasure to paint on Sara again. With her third child and painting, she is already one of my ‘pros’. I wish her and her family all the best, in particular for the little one.

Childhood Nostalgia

My latest body painting, which I did in Cologne during my Xmas travels to my home town, does actually have a reference to this city. The city is the location of the WDR (“Westdeutscher Rundfunk”) which is the regional (state-funded) TV station. It has a famous TV show for kids called “Sendung mit der Maus” (which translates to “Show with the mouse”). The main cast of this show is a mouse, an elephant and a duck. The show is more than 45 years old by now and still as popular with the kids these days as it was during my childhood. All of main characters made it to the belly painting.

The surrounding flowers are a hint to the baby’s name. :)

See “more” for making-of photos. Thanks to the family for the nice afternoon!


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Melon giving life

I recently did another (rather quick) body painting. This time, it was not that complicated, and it turned our rather well. Unfortunately, I don’t have any making-of pictures, so if you click ‘more’, you’ll just see a few more shots from other perspectives.

Meanwhile, the baby was born. Congratulations to the happy family!


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