The Lama of Joy

This baby belly bodypainting is very telling of the family history. As the (by now) parents have roots in South America and Italy, but also live in Bavaria and embrace its culture, the painting had to include hints to all these. The result is the lama riding a gondola and eating pretzels. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I liked painting it. It was a fun afternoon with friends. By now the baby is born – lucky for him less wooly than a lama ;) – and I wish all the best to the new family!

The final result of the painting is here:

A lama eating a pretzel and riding a gondola in Venice
The adventures of the Bavarian lama in Venice

For a making-of, see below.

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A Potpourri of Animals – The Sequel

The bodypainting business was low during Covid times, but I still managed to sneak in a few. One of these was the little sister of A Potpourri of Animals. As much as this little family continued their history by growing, the painting also continues the history that we started with the first popourri. By now the little sister is born. I wish the familiy all the best in their new constellation.

Here’s the final belly painting:

A serene forest scene with animals
A serene forest scene with animals

See below for a making-of.

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