Death Star Bodypainting

Last weekend, I had the chance to do another bodypainting. This time, my “canvas” was friend of mine who carries around an impressive baby belly these days. Since she is a real geek, she requested a Star War’s Death Star bodypainting.

The finished Death Star Bodypainting

I painted it with my favorite colors, Kryolan Aquacolors. We started with a light grey foundation. Starting with the foundation

Next layer where the darker areas and the laser eye in different grey shades and black and white.

Dark grey layer

After that, I added the highlights in silver color.

Adding highlights in silver

You have no idea how many “windows” a death star has …Finishing the highlights

The final result:

The final result

It was a great experience! I thank all involved people for this great day! Thanks to my model for her patience to sit still for nearly 2 hours :)