A Potpourri of Animals

Whenever my pregnant friends ask me for a belly painting I let them chose the motif. Often it is rather simple and I just need an Google image search to get started. However, this request was a bit more interesting as it was: there should be a turtle, owls, lady bugs and orchids. No image in the world contains all these, so I started with a drawing of my own to get the composition right. Here’s the final result:

Here we are with two owls, two turtles, a lot of lady bugs and lots of orchids.

Read further for a making-of.

It started with this sketch.
We start with the bed of orchids.
Turtle and branches of the tree added.
Skeleton of the turtle added. Orchids getting colored and lady bugs appearing.
A second turtle appears, as do two owls. More color to the flowers and the tree.
Background and details to all animals added.
Final touches being applied.
Here’s the final picture again.

Meanwhile, the little boy arrived in this world. I wish him a happy life with lots of animals in it. Thanks to the parents for a lovely afternoon in their home.

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