The Stork

As we all know, the stork brings the babies and so also this one. I had the honor to make their journey a little more colorful. Here’s the final picture:

Read further for a making-of.

We start with the moon and the night sky.
Next comes the banner and the surrounding plants.
Followed by the stork, the lettering, and the flowers.
The picture was finalized with some sparkling and accents to make it more even more magic. :)

Meanwhile, the little boy came to this world. I wish him a bright future. Thanks to the parents for a nice afternoon in good company.

One thought on “The Stork

  1. Thanks a lot, Helga! It was a great experience to let my belly be painted for the first time ? We had lots of fun during this process and afterwards as well while taking pictures ? It was a bit sad to wash it away in the shower the same evening… But I have great memories of that wonderful day and that’s the most important ?♥️?

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