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I’m a geek at heart, with both a techie and an artsy side.

I make a living on being a software developer, but that is by far not the only technical thing I do in my life. I am widely interested in science and technology with a couple of (never ending) geeky side-projects besides work.

Besides the tech stuff, I was always intrigued by art and beauty. I sketched and painted since I was able to hold a pen. I took various classes throughout my life. I started off by mostly doing drawings with pencil, chalk, or coal. I did mostly portraits of animals and humans and later even some nude portraits.

Later (~2008), I picked up painting with acryl. I paint mostly from photos or copying other paintings. I haven’t found my thing here yet, I just use the medium whenever I want colors.

At some point, I started doing body paintings. That one was never planned, it just started off as a one-off favor I did to a friend. However, it turned out to be rather popular and now I am doing it roughly once a year for friends.

Sometimes, I even take some steps into photography.

In particular, I like projects that combine technology and arts. These range from playing with the arduino or stitching pixel pictures of vintage computer games.

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If you would like to support me doing artsy stuff, check out my amazon wishlist. Among among other stuff, it lists material that I need for my artsy hobbies (paint, brushes, etc.):


Responsible for this website is (except for any externally linked content):

Helga Velroyen
Konrad-Peutinger-Strasse 1
81373 Muenchen

Note: Anything I publish on this website was created purely in a personal and not in a professional context. Anything expressed here is solely my personal opinion and not that of my employer. Each of the displayed creations was done without using resources of my employer. None of the documented projects was done with financial intent, they are purely a hobby of mine.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello Helga!

    Great those belly/body paintings! Maybe some people will ask your paintings to be made as a tattoo?

    You like Dragons? What is interesting in them? I’m travelling to Taipei soon. Do you think one can see dragons there? Have to take camera with.


    ps. Have a good visit in Washington (spotted info from Lisa 13 leaflet from which kind of drifted on your website…). Interesting things.

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