The Fishbowl

A couple of days ago, I had another lovely afternoon of bodypainting a baby belly. My friend who has been the “canvas” for the “earth” picture two years ago is currently pregnant with her third child and asked me to create another colorful memory.

This time, it is a fishbowl! See the result and read about the making of later in this post. If you look closely, you can see the cat.

Fishbowl The colorful fishbowl.

The painting all in all took about 2 hours. I painted with my favorite body painting colors “Kryolan Aquacolor”. By now I have a small collection of different colors which gets extended with each painting.

The first Fish The first fish gets placed in the bowl.

I first painted the outer border of the glas bowl, then places the fishes and water animals.

All the fish, but not water yet All the fish, but no water yet.

Then I added the “water” to the glass. I did not to that as first step, because the colors are usually not thick enough to not shine through and not dry enough to not smear. The blue of the water would have shown in all the fish.

Adding the water

Here are some close-ups of the belly.



And here again the final result and my face. :)

The final result

The older sisters of the not-yet-hatched fish got jealous and demanded their own belly painting. I gave my best, but I could not convince the elder one to get something else than “Prinzessin Lillifee”. I weep for this proof of gender-stereotyping and hope that feminists of the world will never find out. The younger one was less indoctrinated and simply wanted a “Wauwau” (dog). I was happy to serve this request.

Two bellies

As last time, it was a pleasure to create this body painting. I thank my three models for their patience and time!

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