Here be dragons

I recently had another chance to create a body painting on a friend’s baby belly. This time the picture was a Chinese dragon surrounded by waves. My friend Sara chose this, because the kid will be (or is now) born in the Chinese zodiac of a dragon and it is the year of the element “water”, thus a dragon surrounded by water.

Chinese Dragon (Close-up)

Chinese Dragon (Close-up)

As always, I used my Kryolan Aquacolors and water color brushes. The process of painting took about two hours. I started with the dragon itself, then the surrounding that with the white foundation, then the waves and finally some details of the dragon.

Before I started painting, Sara installed her camera to make a time lapse video of the painting. So, this time instead of “making of” photos, I present the “making of” video:

It was a pleasure to create the dragon painting. Thank you, Sara, for giving me the opportunity to make it!

By now, the little dragon is hatched from his surrounding water. ;) Congratulations to the parents. I wish you all the best!

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